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We invite you to join us at one or both our Adelaide and or Melbourne Tour in 2017.
You can expect to be exposed to positive deviants in community ministry. We will invite you to reflect on the themes (not programs) in the practices and how these might find expression in your own ministry or work place.

Adelaide Tour: Fri 17th March 12.30-2pm(ish)

Preparatory gathering to discuss readings and itinerary: Clayton Wesley / Spire over a community meal.
Theological Readings to be made available on this site prior.

Adelaide Tour: Fri 12th May 2017

9.15 for 9.30am: Meet at Richmond Baptist 141 Richmond Rd Richmond.
9.30am Get on a mini bus which then
10am-11.30am: Woodville Gardens / The Grove / Edible Church [Uniting] 12-1.30pm Lunch Soul Food Community Cafe [Baptist] 2-3.30-pm NCOH – Northern Communities of Hope [CoC] 4-5.30pm Richmond Baptist
5.30-7pm Dinner and conversation about ministry learning

Cost: Buy you lunch at Soul Food and make a contribution / offering to dinner catered for my the folk at Richmond Baptist.

Melbourne Tour: Fri 25th Aug 12.30-2pm(ish)

Preparatory gathering to discuss readings and itinerary: Clayton Wesley / Spire over a community meal.
Theological Readings to be made available on this site prior.

Melbourne Tour: Mon 23- Fri 27 Oct 2017

Sun 1pm departure by minibus (recommended)
Mon AM departure – fly meet inner melbourne 11am.
Timetable yet to be finalised but will include;
Chalice Community – (UCA)
Urban Seed – (Baptist) Collins St
Urban Neighbours of Hope (CoC – Broadmeadows)
Northern Community Church of Christ (CoC inc CareWorks) 81 High St Preston
Fitzroy North Community Church (CoC) 75 Reid Street, Fitzroy North
Church of All Nations – Carlton (UCA) 180 Palmerston St Carlton

We haven’t worked out all the costs yet but here is a guide.
The mini bus travel option from Adelaide is $100pp. This covers all your travel for 5 days.
Accomodation last time was bet $70-80per night. We are investigating back packer accommodation at $30-40per night.
If you are from the Uniting Church – then Uniting Communities is offering to subsidise your travel and accommodation.

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