Friday Group

Each month Faith in Action holds an open discussion regarding or ministry settings and how we might strengthen the community using Assets Based Community Development principles.

AUGUST – How to improve the use of our buildings so community is more involved!
Friday 19 August 2016

  • with Esther Sugihto is a social design and architecture based out of Melbourne.  We are providing two opportunities to engage with Esther around our buildings.  How can we make our churches more accessible to the community around us?
  • Become more aware of how you can start thinking about how to make the building work for you.
  • For more information about architecture and community development click here!
  • The same workshop at two venues – come expecting to learn from one another across the denominations!


The three workshops of August, September and October have a common theme around people buildings and ministry.

SEPTEMBER – The Ministry of Space Friday 23 Sep 2016


  • Adelaide Central Market – TBar  A deep and meaningful with John for practitioners in Community Ministry –  Fri 23rd Aug 10.30-12pm
  • City Gathering  – Engaging with John and his experience of selling properties in Victoria – Fri 23rd Aug 1-4pm
  • Athelstone Uniting Church – An evening workshop for volunteers and leaders inc worship –  Fri 23rd Aug 6-9 pm

The three workshops of August, September and October have a common theme around buildings and ministry.

OCTOBER – Making your space a busy place using ‘place making’ Friday 28 Oct 2016

  • What does it take to create busy public place?  What can churches learn about making space more accessible through place making?
  • David Bailey (Adelaide City Council and Adelaide West Uniting Church) has worked on this in the Adelaide Central Market.
  • David’s bringing his top ten ideas.  Come and see if they work for your in your ministry setting
  • Reading /  Resources:  IAP 2 and IAP 2 revised


  • Adelaide Central Market – TBar,  Adelaide Central Market  12-2pm.

The three workshops of August, September and October have a common theme around buildings and ministry.

NOVEMBER – Well Being with Paul Turley and Adam Trethaway  – Friday 25th Nov

  • Venue:  Hope’ Café – Spire Community,  12-2pm, Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, Corner of The Parade and Portrush Road,
 Beulah Park

Western Link Event-12

DECEMBER – Christmas conversation 16 Dec  – possibly meet at Woodville Park

Friday Reading Group – normally meets on 4th Friday of every month – except Dec when we bring if forward a week!


2017 Ideas

Asset Mapping – Replacing the Minutes with Charting, Drawing, Mapping and all things Colour!  And additional skill you need.

Introduction and example of survey from New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, in Asset-Based Strategies for Faith Communities pp1-22 (ABCD Institute, 2002) Discovering the gifts of individuals

An Organisational Asset Map from the  Lutheran Church in America, Chicago Foundation for Women / Adapted by ELCA / Getting Unstuck and Constantly Renewing through Asset Mapping, in Asset-Based Strategies for Faith Communities pp49-58, 2002 , (ABCD Institute 2002) Organisational asset map