If you are seeking cross-generational as well as generation-specific experiences in fellowship, spiritual growth, outreach, and
service, then consider joining some of the great Connection Groups. Through these experiences and groups, we aspire to live out heath-touching directives of our church, which include live truth, give grace, obey Hebrews 10:24 to 25 commands, and reflect Jesus.
Let’s consider incredibly ways of encouraging one another towards doing good deeds and loving each other. We know meeting together is not always easy, but we keep encouraging each other towards achieving this good habit.

Apples of Gold Mature
There are many connection groups you can join, and one of them is the Apples of Gold Mature, which teaches and trains newly married women as well as moms with newborns/young children the design of God for family and marriages. The group embraces practical lessons based on biblical teachings such as those found in Titus 2: 3 to 5. Besides Bible lessons, the group has experienced home mentors teaching participants how to prepare delicious meals for their families. For more information about this group, you can contact Addcox Anne.

Mom to Mom
Mom to Mom is another best connections group worth discussing. It is more of a program than a meeting group focused on parenting
mothers with young children aging being zero and ten. Their inspiration is from the book of Titus 2:4, where older women in the family teach and encourage younger women. Their programs include small group discussions helped by parenting instructor. Mom to Mom open its curtains on the Tuesday of September 12 from a quarter past nine to half-past eleven, and the group will meet weekly for the next ten weeks. The full course will cost not more than thirty dollars!

Sewing Seeds
Join Sewing Seeds today and be part of women who are eager to administer and minister to each other. Our group basically meet to share the work of serving the Lord through some of our projects geared towards support of the living faith and local church ministering. Our international ministry partners have advanced our goals and missions towards spreading the Faith Bible. It t is not that you are supposed to a sewer, anyone who is interested in our mission is welcome. We meet every Wednesday from ten o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon. Some of the projects we engage in include making/sending clothing (shorts, tops, skirts, and t-shirt dresses)
to children in countries like Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Republic of Georgia, and Burundi. Other things we do include making aprons, bowls, clothesline, microwave-potato bags, and many other exhilarating projects. For more inquiries about our group, please get in touch with Caroline Holladay through the number (08) 9254 2971.