The Year of Turban Headbands and Bright Clothes at Devonport Marquee

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As gallopers and their horses prepare to stun the viewers at the Devonport Cup 2019, people gear up to put their best foot forward with the best of current trends in clothing and fashion. This style season, Mrs. Holly Bowden; ambassador of Marquee Hire Perth says that she is anticipating the arrival of turban headbands, traditional hats, classic eyewear to flood the bleachers for this year’s Devonport Cup.

Owner of the popular and extravagant Epitome Hats business, Mrs. Bowden also said that would be looking forward to a more bright fashion scene at the Cup this year round. She predicts that women are most likely to choose colours such as fuchsia, orange and pink for their outfits and a lot of floral prints are to be expected at the venue.

Along with that, it is most likely that a lot of people will be donning a lot of turban styled headbands instead of the flower crowns which ruled last year.

With the turn of trends in women’s fashion, women might eschew the classic skirt or dress deal and opt for outfits like a sporty jumpsuit, wide-leg pants and crop tops etc. It’s not like they are ditching the classy dress trend that is usually linked with Horse races and polo, it is more like a play on current fashion advancements.

As the glamour squads get ready for the day, men also are opening up to experimenting and being more up to date with fashion. They’re opting for sporty looks including putting on a pair of chinos and a plain shirt just to pop the oomph factor with a funky blazer. They’re open to putting on some floral printed polo shirts with fedoras as well.

While conversing with Mrs. Bowden about race-wear and the swiftly growing trends in the usually classy section of fashion, she added that some of the more serious fashion enthusiasts make their own outfits to increase the uniqueness of their style. While the others who want to look glamorous but don’t want to spend hat kind of time making an outfit for a single day choose to stick to visiting boutiques, or shopping online and or hiring a fabulous dress.

It is okay to make a statement since we’re talking about fashion but, Mrs. Bowden said that while everything almost works in race-wear, it is very vital to know that there is a certain dress code that is designated for the marquee.

This is part of a more traditional Marquee set up for races, and Mrs Bowden states that for those who feel more experimental and want to try new things, Young Racing Tasmania Marquee is the perfect option.

And if you do plan to show up at the Devonport Cup, remember always wear comfortable footwear to the races and don’t risk it with stilettos. Sine you’ll be out in the open sun, don’t forget your sunscreen, glasses and hat. It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated but be careful of how much alcohol you consume. Whichever marquee you choose, abide by its dress codes and have fun.