Asset Mapping

The primary aim of asset mapping is to connect resources and people together and to flush out the hidden resouces which are availiable to a community.
The secondary aim is to create a physical map of the people and resources of a community.

Asset Mapping can be a complex and deep process or a light and quick opportunity.

Head Heart and Hands  (A light and quick approach) 

Using post it notes of three different colours ask participants to write answers to the following three questions;1402 hands Asset map

  • What knowledge do you have and who you know?  (Head)
  • What you are passionate about? (Heart)
  • What do you really like doing? (Hands)

The post it note is then stuck up onto a board / displayed somewhere easily accessible.  Participants are invited to talk to each other about what they observe on the board.  This gathering of the story is a way of recording the sorts of skills and resouces that are in the room on the day.


A Systematic Map (A deeper and longer exercise)

Community Mapping can be quite substantial and thourough.  Here are some examples of more substantial set of questions which cover all aspects of the communities life.